rAcIsT! Ed Litton Tells MSNBC Viewers that Bible Instructs Christians to be WOKE

Image: Video capture screenshot

During another interview with the godless MSNBC and several apostate hosts–from Roman Catholics to ex-Southern Baptists to Episcopalians–the newly-elected Southern Baptist President, once again, trashed and distorted Christianity, allowed the hosts to twist the Scriptures while he nodded his head in agreement, and even told one host that it’s “unfortunate” that “woke” is used as a pejorative in conservative circles since the Bible actually calls us to be so.

During the interview, one host mentioned that “if you really care about what Jesus thinks,” you’ll acknowledge that Jesus came to have fellowship and communion with sinners, including abortionists, to which you could hear Ed Litton in the background saying “that’s right.”

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Original article posted by staff at Reformation Charlotte. Title altered by BereanNation.com.

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