Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I do for a living. I have no other source of income. I do what I can, but I need support, both spiritual and financial to work in the ministry. I have expenses (like this website for example), and I have a wife and three children (two with mental health issues) to support. Please consider prayerfully what I am asking you.

I thought for a long, long time (years) before I added this contribution section. Finally, the Lord showed me from the Scriptures (where else) that even the Lord Jesus had financial supporters! In Luke 8:3, people that Jesus had helped donated money to support Him in terms of expenses He required during his service here on earth! Interestingly, it names three of them, and they were all women, and included Mary Magdalene, Joanna the wife of Chuza (Herod’s steward), and Susanna. I had always thought that Jesus supported Himself by doing carpentry, but that does not seem to have entirely been the case. Paul had some financial support. Peter had financial support (according to Paul). We are encouraged to give as the Lord puts on our heart.

My request is simple. If this ministry has encouraged you, please prayerfully consider supporting me as I continue to reach the lost for Christ, and study His word to teach others so they also might grow in their faith. If 100 people gave me $20 dollars a month, I would be able to pay all my expenses, and have a modest amount left over for groceries every month (and I have learned of necessity how to bargain shop). If you can’t afford that, then God bless you, and please pray for the ministry God has given me so that if may flourish.

If God is putting this ministry on your heart, you can contribute here in multiples of $10.

With thanks in Jesus’ name,

Gerry Brinkman