James MacDonald: Do You Kiss Your Mother With that Mouth?

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People have been known to use the occasional epithet in stressful situations, but I have never seen anything like the language used in response to a reporter used by “pastor” James MacDonald. Please note the use of quotes around “pastor” because we are most decidedly NOT using that word in its normal sense.

Reporter Julie Roys of The Roys Report wrote about this insulting language that was directed at her. She is the reporter that broke the story of James MacDonald’s pastoral abuse wide open, and although she seems to have a distinct bias against Dr. John MacArthur, her work on MacDonald and his Harvest ministry stuff was spot-on.

The use of bad language is unfortunate in the face of stress. I have often told my children that using curse words to make your point only shows either your lack of intelligence because of your poor vocabulary, or it shows that you are desperately trying to shame someone because you know they are right about criticism they are levelling at you. Sadly, I don’t think James MacDonald fits into the former category as a so-called teaching “pastor.” Shame on him for misusing the language that God gave us.

The proper response, especially if Ms. Roys is anywhere even close to the truth, is to repent of your sins and trust in the Lord of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse us from that sin and expunge our records with His righteousness. If you will not do so, you may come to a day where you CANNOT do so. That will be a sad day for all of us. I call on James MacDonald to repent of his wickedness and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

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