AFA VP: Southern Baptists No Longer Relevant in Culture War

American Family Association VP says Southern Baptist Convention & ERLC were hijacked to a Woke agenda by Russell Moore

Walker Wildmon, Vice President of Operations for the American Family Foundation (AFA) said the Southern Baptist Convention was no longer relevant in standing up for biblical values against secular culture. Wildmon appearing on the Todd Starnes Show said the SBC became less relevant over the last 10 years because of Russell Moore’s leftist, Woke politics.

“In the past five or ten years, we’ve seen the Southern Baptists move to a point where they are not as relevant,” Wildmon. “With Russell Moore taking over the ERLC for basically the last ten years, and now he is out thankfully, basically, the ERLC and the Southern Baptist Convention have not been promoting biblical values.”

At the root of all of this was Russell Moore, who left the ERLC at the end of May to take a position with Christianity Today.

“The ERLC was hijacked by Russell Moore to be the Woke arm of the SBC,” Wildmon said.

He pointed out that the ERLC failed to do its job on religious liberty and “instead you had Russell Moore putting in a friend of the court brief for a mosque in New Jeresy,” Wildmon said.

Part of the reason the SBC is irrelevant in the Culture War is that SBC Elites like Russell Moore prefer a winsome approach to win secularists approval. And this irritates Wildmon.

“What I am tired of, what many Southern Baptists are tired of is the pandering,” Wildmon said. “I am tired of pandering to the Woke, Leftist crowd in hopes that somehow…

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