“And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb…”
Luke 24:2 NASB

This question is THE critical question. The tomb was placed under guard by a full Roman squad of 80 men (all of whom carried the Roman short sword) and an unspecified number of temple guards (it is hard to imagine there were fewer than what the Romans provided, and these were trained with elegant clubs). These men were specifically posted so that no one could steal the body of Jesus.

The stone itself was reported to weigh in about 2000-4000 pounds, clearly more than a few guys could roll up hill while the rest of the 12 disciples fought off the trained 160 fighters. These guys were cowards by nature. When Jesus was betrayed and captured all of them ran away one of them with no coat just to show the point.

The answer to this question is the best proof possible that there is a powerful being that rose from the dead and could move the stone either Himself or command another powerful being or two to do it.

So… It wasn’t the Romans. It wasn’t the Jews. It couldn’t possibly have been Jesus’ followers who could have been dealt with by the assembled fighting force. I have to ask it again.

Who moved the stone?

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