Hello Fellow Bereans!

The overview of the book of Galatians is now ready. I somehow have lost the notes for Chapter 1, and must recreate them from scratch, and I hand-wrote the notes for chapters 2 and 3, so I must type them in in a readable fashion, and I have to edit chapters 4 through 6. Add to this school assignments (thought I had left those behind), associated readings, my own Bible Study I lead at the place I fellowship, and you can imagine how busy I really am. Now add a family, a life, regular commitments of all sorts, and you have the recipe for a big mess. Welcome to my life! Anyone out there want to lend a hand? 🙂

I will post all this as soon as humanly possible. Next book coming is Ephesians, schedule permitting.

You can find the Book studies in Galatians here.


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