Over many years, I have seen that discontent and control-based politics are a sad reality of life within the Church. This seems to be a theme across denominational divides, that those who grumble loudest somehow are chosen to be “in charge” of the house of God.

God is aware of it, and its negative effect on His testimony to the world. Here is one such example. The people were getting too big for their britches, and God heard it. He decided to put a stop to it once and for all.

He commanded the leaders of all the houses to bring a rod cut from an almond tree, and write the names of the leaders of each rod, Aaron for the house of Levi. God’s test? He would make the severed rod bloom for the man (and line) He chose. Guess whose rod bloomed. If you guessed Aaron, you’re right.

From this I observe that first, God is not some distant, disinterested party, He is very much involved in His own testimony. Second, it is God that chooses who will represent Him in His work. If God wants to use you, He will. (Incidentally, He is always looking for Labourers if His parables are any indication.) Third, no amount of work, whining, scheming, or political maneuvering will derail what God wants, so stop the nonsense.

With all of that in view, why do we have spiritual bullies throwing themselves around on every church board I have seen? Well, it happened then, and it is still happening. God even allows it. But if God has chosen you for this kind of work for Him, His supernatural grace will make it happen, and not even these spiritual bullies will be able to deny that God is working through you.

God’s goals are not ours. When we finally realize that, His testimony is established and He will work. If we will not realize this, all bets are off…

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