What can one do in the face of atheists or other radicalized nonbelievers that are so aggressive in their attacks? Sure, we may have answers for their verbal attacks, but we are not to respond in anger or even with argument as Christians. Apologetics notwithstanding.

And what do we do when these radicalized religious bigots make physical attacks? What if we are the one with a knife held to our throat being told to convert or die? These things are happening now here in the West, regardless of us not seeing it in news media.

Should we cower in fear of physical assault? Should we run from the radicalized and just plain rude atheist who only wants to debate us with the thought of making us look stupid?

David was faced with such an individual, and his name was Doeg the Edomite. Coming from Edom meant that he was the offspring of Esau, brother of Jacob, who God renamed Israel. He was a distant cousin. Doeg himself could be described as a political opportunist. He was what has been called a snitch for King Saul, and that made him one of Saul’s henchmen.

Where David was concerned, Saul had nightmares, and Doeg knew this. So Doeg made it his mission to bring David down. He was aggressive to the point of abuse, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do “in the name of the king.” [Have you ever noticed that whenever these adversarial types act, they do it in someone’s name or for some perceived high moral cause?]

David’s response was this Psalm. Verses 6 and 7 are referring to Doeg directly. David recalled to Doeg that a day was coming where these kinds of individuals would be laughingstocks. Why? Because they heard God’s word of Truth and turned away to pursue their own aims and goals, which clearly are not God’s aims and goals.

Our response to abusive atheists and to radicalized religious bigots should be to hold our own peace and remember that day is coming. It is the fate of the wicked. Yes, they need to be warned about it and told they can escape. But that day is still coming. Let them laugh at us. The last laugh belongs to those who trust God.

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