The Intelligence Briefing | February 13, 2020 | S1E20

In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we find out that efforts to inject some sanity into the SBC Pastors Conference are having effects, That Trump has plans to continue to defund the abortion industry, that woke seminaries are discriminatory towards white males, that Francis Chan thinks he is a healer (and worse that he thinks it is HIS faith that heals), and that well-known snake-oil salesman Jim Bakker has a cure for coronavirus (and apparently STDs)…

Triggered: SBC leader says critics of female speaking at convention are “endangering” her

Trump’s new budget defunds Planned Parenthood

Woke SBC Seminary demands student remove MAGA hat because it’s “offensive”

Francis Chan now claims to be a faith healer

Good News: Jim Bakker says his snake oil now cures Coronavirus

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