Ezra Levant: Lockdowns Are Child Abuse

Enough data has been gathered now to prove that COVID is not a harm to children, but the lockdowns government’s across the world have implemented are causing difficulties for kids. It was recently reported in The Guardian that youth in New Zealand, which has seen stringent lockdowns, are now experiencing an “immunity debt.”

Children struggling with the impacts of lockdowns are not just isolated to New Zealand. Here in Canada, according to a Sick Kids report, half of kids between ages 8–12 had experienced symptoms of depression and increase to 70 per cent among adolescents.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant explained how he amounts these restrictive public health measures to child abuse:

Can you imagine? It’s bad enough to tell grown ups you can’t open your business for a year. OK, so they’re poor and they’re depressed, but they’re grown ups, they can maybe handle things because they remember a normal life… [See more]

See video:

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Original article posted by staff at Rebel News. Title altered by BereanNation.com.

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