AB Health Minister Singled Out for Public Shame

Image courtesy Rebel News

COVID restrictions are lifting, the Stampede is in full swing and everything is getting back to normal. Politicians are dishing out pancakes and kissing babies, doing their best to help people forget the toll their policies have taken on businesses and the mental health of Albertans, not to mention the violations of Charter-enshrined rights that have plagued Alberta for over a year.

The pastors and business owners who are facing months of legal battles and potential jail time certainly don’t feel like everything is going back to normal, unlike the politicians who get free passes for their own countless COVID restriction violations. Many Albertans’ lives are being permanently affected by Alberta Health Services’ zealous enforcement against those who fought for economic survival and religious freedoms.

We cannot abide so glaring a double standard. Politicians need to either be ticketed and fined like everyone else, or they need to retroactively rescind the rules they themselves could not follow so people can move on with their lives.

We wanted to call out this hypocrisy, so we once again set out with our Shame on Shandro truck to let everyone know that we haven’t forgotten. We brought the truck to Stampede breakfasts across…


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Original article posted by Adam Soos at Rebel News. Title altered by BereanNation.com.

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