CBC ‘Courageously’ Turns Off FB Comments to ‘Protect Free Speech’ and ‘Fragile’ Mental Health of ‘Journalists’

In a move that can only be described as the pinnacle of embracing snowflake culture, the CBC has said this week it is going to close comments on all of its news links and video posts to Facebook pages to protect the mental health of its journalists.

Journalists – who used to be rugged and used to deal with varying opinions as part of the job description – are “fragile” and “in need of attention,” like many other Canadians post-pandemic, the CBC wrote last week. Increasingly, they are facing “vitriol and harassment” for doing their jobs, the report notes.

“For journalists, platforms like Twitter can be a great way to find sources and promote their work, but also a cesspool of hatred. Increasingly, reporters are also physically attacked,” Andre Picard told CBC.  

Women and journalists of color have seen increased abuse, according to CBC President Catherine Tait. In her opinion, those threats pose attacks to “free speech and democracy.”

And what better way to enable free speech than to shut down all speech?

“That’s why beginning on Wednesday and for the next month, we will close comments on all news links and video posts to the Facebook pages belonging to the journalism division of the CBC (News, Current Affairs and Local),” the CBC wrote…

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Original article posted by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. Title altered by BereanNation.com.

Comment: You know, I used to BE a journalist. I was the Managing Editor of the Kemptville Crier 1993-1994. You had to have the skin of a rhinoceros or you weren’t right for the job. “Oh no! Somebody didn’t agree with my politics! Whatever shall I do? I’m having a mental crisis! I need a safe space!” Look, I say this with respect as an insider: grow up. People will not always agree with you and will OFTEN go at you for your opinions. Words, contrary to popular wisdom, are NOT violence. They only hurt if you let them. Think about this–doesn’t the fact that somebody says mean words about you or your ideas say more about them than you? Calm down. Have a cup of herbal tea there, Snowflake. Hostile opinions won’t put you in the hospital. It takes a BLM riot to do that…ask Andy Ngo.

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