Charismaniac Huckster Jim Bakker Wants You to Send Him $1000 in Exchange for Blanket and Mug…

Jim Bakker pleads for your money (Don't give him any). Image: screen shot of video

In what has to be the most desperate money grab ever seen on television anywhere, former Jimmy Swaggart fall guy and convict Jim Bakker needs money to keep his show on the air. His drop in viewership is no doubt a result of his failure to deliver on the “prophetic gifts” of healing because the courts shut down his ability to sell his “anti-coronavirus” snake oil, among other things.

In this…less than coherent rant [I’m trying to be charitable here. -Ed.], he resorts to begging for “any amount” that his faithful can send. The transcriptionist must have had a fit sorting the following quote out:

I’m asking everyone who’d say ‘Jim, I’m going to stand with you. We’re going to beat the devil back. We’re going to beat him back into hell where he belongs.’

I mean the massiveness of what God is doing through the ministry is so unbelievable, that I just know if everyone gives, we’re going to make it through this. It’s going to grow and grow and grow…if you can give $1000 do it. If you can give the $100 offering, you can do that. If anyone is still with, the special PTL blanket, you can ask for it, and we’ll be able to send that to you as well, and the cup you’ll get the PTL Prophets Profits mug.

Call me right now, would you? We need help…

Bakker’s financial issues are a set of circumstances of his own making. His huckster fraudster activities got him investigated, sued, and shut down by the courts for selling a fake coronavirus cure. All of this resulted in Visa and MasterCard shutting off the money taps to his “ministry,” and severely hampering his ability to take in sorely needed money.

He is a classic example of how a charismaniac fraud artist works. He brings in top-level people (calling them “prophets” in his terminology) like Bill Johnson from Bethel Redding, Rodney Howard Browne, or Jonathan Cahn and these gents give doomsday-like predictions. Then, Jim Bakker suggest that you donate money to his ministry in exchange for the survival “gifts” that he is offering that given week. Technically he is not selling them (depriving the government of the required sales tax), he is “giving them as a ‘thank you for giving me your money’ gift.” This also allows him to undercut his actual competitors (the folks that actually sell the goods you can buy) and make money hand over fist, even after the expense of the items he is “giving away.”

The sooner this guy goes under for good, the better off your wallet and the world will be. However, the sad reality is that he can just open up shop somewhere else all over again and repeat the well-known recipe for success in the charismatic prophecy business.

We here at hold to a cessationist view, believing with Augustine of Hippo that the apostolic gifts like healing, tongues, and prophecy ceased with the death of the last apostle (John in Ephesus to our knowledge). This does not mean that God cannot use these gifts anymore, but rather that because the written word of God was now completed, which would form what we now call the Bible in roughly AD 385, they are no longer necessary in that form in the case of tongues and prophecy, and in the case of healing, that was for a capital-A Apostle to demonstrate his God-given authority and office. Those apostles died out in the late first or early second century (depending on where you place John’s death). This does not restrict God in matters of healing, either. He is God. He can do what He wants, and we will not tell Him His job or what His will should be. Frankly, people that do that are foolish, and need to see His absolute holiness and how separate (the meaning of the word holy) He really is from humanity. It is a wonder to us that He saves any of us at all, given our cosmic treason against this thrice-holy triune God.

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