Change Is Coming

Change Is Coming

We're changing and expanding!

You may have noticed things being goofed with on the site! We are undergoing some change from really just a personal blog to a different kind of site with more people involved, as well as some real-world application that we hope you will read about when it happens.

The first of these is our regular Monday Prayer meeting at 7:00PM Eastern Time. Every Monday, four or more of us gather to pray over the phone. You can even participate, but you have to call us and get the number to dial.

Our Thursday Bible Studies also has room for 10 more people online, and that’s completely a NO COST TO YOU! You can get involved in the following ways:

Join our Meeting every Thursday at 7:00PM Eastern Time:

One tap mobile:
+1 867 292 3030,,2949159#

Dial-in using your phone:
Canada: +1 867 292 3030
United States: +1 605-562-0400
United States: +1 218-339-7800
United States: +1 712-832-8330

Access code: 294 9159

Connection Test:

Also, we are going to attempt a Sunday sermon series in 1 John. That broadcast will be on this site at 9:00AM Eastern on Sundays.

If you are in the Ottawa area, please give us a call at the number at the top of the page if you are interested in joining us for Sunday worship. There are not many of us, but we know what the Lord wants for us, and we are interested in following the whole counsel of God together as His one new man, the corporate man, the church. Leave a message with your coordinates and we’ll respond appropriately.

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