Happy and Holy New Year in 2023

Gerry preaches to the congregation and tells them the many pitfalls and hidden hazards there are an our way to heaven, and lays down some buoys to mark the hazards and course corrections to help in the voyage. Image: Video screen capture

I must apologize for the months of inactivity. I have not been well, and I am struggling to bring my diabetes under control again. I know I had said that we would resume on 2023 Jan 12, and I still hope to do so, but I must ask for your support in prayer. I have pulpit supply in a congregation where the primary source of speaking has been diagnosed with cancer, and I and others are taking up the slack.

This means a whole lot of work in the study and preaching and teaching the word. I like that, it’s what I want to do, but I also have a part-time job that I have been using to pay some of the bills at my house, because I don’t get paid a great deal for pulpit supply, though I am fairly compensated. In fact, I had the privilege of preaching New Year’s Day, and you can find that here:

You’ll notice I am favoring my left leg. In the dangerous and highly risky activity of putting on my sock, my knee snapped and I wasn’t able to put weight on it for nearly a week. It figures that it was 20 minutes before I had to go out the door to preach, too. I did my impression of a flamingo for a couple hours and then called in sick to my flooring store job, which cost me income, something I can ill afford to lose these days.

All of this to say that I appreciate your prayers, I need help to focus and get it all done. Have a happy and holy 2023. Keep following Christ because He will be returning soon to rescue us once and for all from this present evil age.

Pastor Ger

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