CDN Doctors Being Investigated and Censored for Questioning COVID-19 Narrative

At the beginning of June, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a vaccine recommendation that aligned with what some doctors are sounding alarm bells on: adolescents should be spared from this experimental injection until more studies can be conducted, as there is virtually no risk to them of COVID complications.

You can find a screenshot from the WHO’s recommendation as of mid-afternoon on June 22, where there was a bold statement that read: children should not be vaccinated at the moment. It confirmed what physicians like Dr. Jean Marc Benoit have been saying — that because children and adolescents tend to be mostly unaffected by COVID-19, this is not an emergency for them. 

Yet the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario seems to be deploying bullying tactics in an attempt to silence any and all dissenting Doctors. Dr. Benoit is being investigated, as is Dr. Patrick Phillips, for speaking out publicly about the concerns they have with the mainstream COVID narrative. You can find my previous reports, featuring both of these doctors, here.

In response to an obvious outpouring of “I told ya so”s, the WHO quietly changed their recommendation sometime overnight. The organization removed that bold statement entirely; see for yourself

And this was on the same day that Sick Kids reported seeing post-vaccination myocarditis in teens, with “approximately five” cases, while McMaster Children’s Hospital reports having at least two. 

This is exactly what Dr. Benoit is warning about. Now he faces investigation from…

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