Xi: A Modern-Day Caesar Wanna-be…

Xi gave a speech on the hundredth anniversary of the forming of China’s communist party. Chinese pastors have been told they will study and teach from it… or else.

Any hopes that Christians would be able operate with a certain amount of latitude were flattened when Xi not only took leadership of the party but changed the rules so that he could remain leader for life.

ClashDaily has been updating our readers from time to time about Xi turning up the heat, not just on the Uyghurs whose unjust imprisonment and torture warrant the attention they are getting, but other religious minorities as well, especially the Christians.

Xi has been systematically bulldozing churches, removing religious symbols like crosses, crucifixes, and religious iconography to replace them with pictures of Dear Leader. They have been insisting on the final say of which bishops the Catholic Church can appoint.

For context, before we explain what fresh hell the CCP has begun unleashing on the faithful, this was published in an article published in 2018:

Another significant development occurred in March when the Communist Party changed the law allowing the Xi Jinping to serve for an unlimited time in office.

“He can essentially serve as president for as long as he wants,” said Nettleton. “One emphasis going back to his days as a provincial leader was on controlling religious expression and controlling the church. So, we’re seeing what he put into effect as a provincial leader. Now that he is president of the entire country, that same emphasis is spreading from the national government level down to every part of China.”

In recent months, Xi has instituted a brutal crackdown. Officials have demolished or closed churches, bibles have been burned, pastors arrested, and crosses are still being removed from atop church buildings. —CBN

China’s Communism is an all-consuming kind of totalitarian force. It blurs any distinction between the state and private industry, between medical research and military opportunism (i.e. Wuhan), and any distinction between worship of God Almighty or the worship of the all-mighty State.

That totalitarian impulse is now taking a bold new step forward.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have ordered pastors belonging to the state-controlled body of the Protestant Church to study and preach President Xi Jinping’s recent speech. Xi Jinping delivered the address on July 1, the 100th anniversary of the CCP.

Officials issued the orders during the national conference of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, the state-controlled body of the Protestant Church in mainland China, and the China Christian Council (CCC). The CCC oversees education in Three-Self churches. The conference, which took place on July 8, was entitled “Learning and Implementing the Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Speech of July 1.”

In the July 1 address delivered by Xi Jinping, he discussed the importance of the CCP in shaping modern China and emphasized that China would be crushed without the strength provided by socialism and the CCP. — PersecutionOrg

CCP officials expect the topic of his July 1 speech to be the focus of study on upcoming sermons, bible studies, and the Communist officials were even so helpful as to provide a sample of what such an approved sermon might look…

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Original article posted by Wes Walker at Clash Daily. Title altered by BereanNation.com.

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