When Do Canadian Federal Politicians Stop All the Lies?

Photo: Canadian Press (CP)

It is a tale as old as our 154-year-old nation in Canada–politicians tell lies. Technology may have made them more careful about what they say to whom, but they still tell them, usually with great efficiency and rapidity. The short answer to the question is that they DO NOT STOP. Strangely, it does not seem to matter what political party they represent, either.

Rebel News reports:

Is the prevailing attitude about Alberta oil and gas currently infesting Ottawa fuelled by a lack of knowledge, or plain old bigotry? Our federal politicians decry the Canadian oilsands, yet continue to fly their private jets and drive gas-guzzling cars. 

Well, Robbie Picard of Oil Sands Strong has a plan to educate the decision makers in Ottawa about the benefits of our homegrown fossil fuel industry. 

“I don’t give a crap if the NDP leader wore a mask or not, but I do care he drove a BMW,” says Picard. “The people that support the NDP and Green Party federally are being sold a bunch of falsehoods.”

From the Rebel News article, “Federal politicians sell falsehoods about the climate crisis while flying private jets.”

I have met very few politicians in my day that had any ethical standards, and the ones I have met that do were all Christians, and not just in name only. The full answer to the question in the headline is this: Canadian politicians will stop lying when Christ returns to set up His kingdom. Or when Canada as a nations is destroyed by socialism or war. Whichever event comes first.

Read the Rebel News staff post here.

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