What does it mean to be a “Berean?”

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Be a Berean!I’ve read a few emails these days asking what exactly a Berean is, and how one becomes a member of the Berean Nation. Here’s a short answer – contact us through the Facebook page or comment your questions on this article if you want to know more. The Bereans were a group of Jewish believers in God, named for the place they were found, the ancient city of Berea, located in the Vermion Mountains in Greece. The city still exists today, and is located north of Mount Olympus, and is called Veria. The people of that group had two identifying characteristics that did not rely on geography.

First, according to Acts 17:11, they searched the Scriptures daily to find out what it really said. People take the name Berean to themselves to indicate their commitment to find out for themselves as to what the Scriptures really say, realizing that this job is too important to delegate to someone else.

Second, and this is a real key, they exercised humility in this journey of scriptural discovery. They did not consider that they already had the truth. They put aside their preconceptions and tried to find out the real truth of all the Scriptures. They did not do this so they could win theological arguments, they wanted to know what God really said so they could do it.

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