Todd White Has Not Repented

When it comes to articles like this, I have to say like Sheldon Cooper, “I informed you thusly, oh I so informed you thusly…”

Whenever anyone makes noises like they are changing their tune from the wild-eyed Charismaticism that clearly grips so many and holds them back from at least all the benefit they could derive from actually walking in the Spirit of Christ, and actually being filled with the Holy Spirit, it is cause for cautious optimism. A good number of people with whom I am personally in touch have been delivered by God from this monstrosity of modern Christianity. However, because of the strength of the grip of our common enemy on the souls of people, it is very difficult to leave error for the truth without the direct and powerful intervention of God.

Todd White displayed this with his “sermon” this past Sunday when he recanted his recanting about how he preached an incomplete gospel (he does). And I’m very sorry to have to say this, but I told you so.

Now, as far as Todd White, or any other heretical prosperity preachers go (and they are not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are preaching a false gospel), it isn’t over until they have drawn their last breath, but it can be disappointing for those of us who know people that are still caught in their error, and are praying and actively working to free them where possible.

The good folks over at Pulpit and Pen have reported on this here. Their article includes video of the latest sermon by Todd White.

For those of you who know what it is to have loved ones entangled in that movement, just know that God is absolutely Sovereign, and His will will be accomplished. Don’t stop praying or working.

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