Todd White and Repentance

The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind today, 2 days after the fact is whether or not Todd White actually repented of his heretical behaviour. From where I sit as a former charismatic, it isn’t hard to call at all.

I can certainly see, agree with, and share the guarded optimism of brothers like Costi Hinn, who himself was one of us, and knows better than most that God can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, to whomever He wants. In fact, I heard Costi say himself just yesterday afternoon that he and a few other brothers he knows from back in the day are trying to meet with Todd and really push the gospel home, and lead him to good teaching and true acts of repentance. I applaud those actions, because these are brothers who know where Todd is coming from and how pervasive error is in charismaticism.

However, I also understand, agree with, and share the legitimate doubts of other reformed brothers like Jordan Hall, Seth Dunn, and Jeff Maples (and a number of others). Charismatics tend to be emotional, and a Pentecostal shedding tears over whatever issue is being shared is no sign of anything. If you want true signs of repentance, you should think about better examples of this.

The first sign of repentance for Todd White should be to step down from what he is calling “ministry.” This would serve to tell all of his followers to seek God and not healings through hucksters. Todd has engaged in deliberate chicanery. Heck, *I* can do that parlour trick he’s calling leg-lengthening, and explain all the carefully crafted deception around it. It’s a simple misdirection of attention of the “victim.” (Sounds like COVID-19, actually.) Todd White, according to Scripture, never WAS a qualified minister of the Gospel.

You see, the most important qualification for being a minister of the Gospel is moral character, according to the (very real) Apostle Paul. The Apostle, after telling people that if a man desires to do this work that it is a good thing, in 1 Tim 3:2, lists the qualifications of an elder, one that can oversee a church. The very first qualification he mentions? That the man be above reproach.

An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

1 Timothy 3:2

Todd White’s reproachable behaviours have been written about, uploaded as video to YouTube, and documented by opponents for YEARS. What did he actually repent of? Not preaching a full gospel. I can only suppose that he means the prosperity gospel he has to date adhered to, and not the gospel that says your sin was the reason Jesus died in the most painful way ever designed. His repentance would be better if he started, like Zaccheus did with Jesus, to give half his annual income to the poor, and if he could begin to pay back anyone he’s defrauded fourfold. (I realize most of that money is probably spent already, but even a promise accompanied by a good-will start on it would go a long way.)

Todd, if you read this, I understand that reading Spurgeon and Whitefield will really rock your world and increase your understanding of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is. But you should know that if you start to preach that gospel where you are, they will throw you out of your own church. That’s what happened to me when I started attacking the nonsense written by Kenneth Hagin about “speaking in tongues.” The man who taught me in grade 6 personally told me to get out of the building. You WILL have some of those experiences. If you don’t think so, just wait until you encounter someone you “healed” that relapsed later. It wasn’t a lack of faith on their part, it was a lack of ability on your part that caused the problem. You are not able to do miracles. No one can. The rest is all show, and you don’t get to where you are without knowing it. Todd, you need to stop this.

Todd, the Apostle Paul was once a persecutor of the church. And yet God chose him to be His messenger to the churches of the Gentiles. Can you imagine how he must have felt when he confronted some of the people he had personally tortured in the churches later on? Assuming you’re serious about this, this WILL happen to you, because God wants us to face our past and deal with it before Him before we can really work for Him. But Todd, don’t pass this by, this opportunity. God calls His people to repent of their sins and believe that Jesus was enough to pay the price for our sins. If you will do that, then God wants you to start living in reality. If you need to do that, call the phone number on my site. We can talk.

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