Thursday Bible Study Pushed Back One Week

Hi Nation…I’m sorry to do this, but I literally do not have the energy to do six days a week and a bible study like I have been doing for 3 weeks. My family life is taking a beating, and I told my love when we married I would not do this. BEFORE she reminds me (again) of what I said, I will push the date back to next week.

You citizens of the nation deserve to know why, however. As you know, I am a “multi-vocational” pastor, and I am NOT paid for my pastoral duties. (Good thing I don’t do it for money in some ways.) I am also a retail sales consultant that works in a flooring store at times. I was called in because the boss is stuck outside the country with his wife (ain’t travelling under the COVID-19 regime grand?), and he was turned away AT THE AIRPORT yesterday, so I am filling in until further notice. That may be okay for the mortgage, but the old body is taking some adjusting to the new schedule. My sincere apologies to the few that this inconveniences.

Also, I was kicked off Facistbook yesterday, I think for 30 days. I am planning on not returning when that suspension is lifted. Well, maybe long enough to get some of the stuff I left there, but that will be it. You can find me on where freedom still lives, and if it’s Christian owner can be believed (and I think he can be), I think it will live there when our Lord returns for His Church, whenever that might be.

Ecclessia reformata semper reformanda est…

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