This was really hard to accept for me…

Sometimes, people you respect don't hold the best theology.  The question is what you do with that when you find out.
Check out the article at this link:
I knew about Joel Osteen.  I've never heard him give a clear Gospel ever.  I was surprised about Joyce Meyer.  I did not know or understand her teachings were SO off the mark until I really listened - and then I found that I wasn't the only one that noticed.
Tell me something, all you folks that are believers in the "Prosperity Gospel:"
Why did Jesus tell us that the poor would always be with us?
Why did the writer of the book of Hebrews tell us that not all Christians would be prosperous and happy in Heb 11:32-40?  In fact it tells us that some were poorly clothed, some were destitute, some lived in caves and holes in the ground.  It says that they did NOT receive the promise (for a very special reason that is mentioned in verse 40, and I'm going to be mean and make you open your Bibles to read it).
Why, if you can leverage money out of God by giving it all away so that God is forced to give you more back, is that not working on most of the planet?
And why isn't that "prosperity gospel" making people in Africa rich, or healing them of dread diseases like AIDS?
I'll tell you why - that message isn't in the Scriptures.  Verses that can be distorted appear there, but if you read them IN CONTEXT, that isn't what they say.
I'll point this out too - 11 of 12 Apostles of the early church died martyr's deaths.  If God wanted us all to be rich, why did they die horrible and torturous deaths in some cases?  Because, unlike the old Coca-Cola commercial, things do not always go better with Jesus!
Don't get me wrong.  There are Christians that are rich, and there needs to be - that's how missionary endeavours are funded sometimes.  None of these rich Christians mind spending their money either.  And I know a couple, and they aren't living in million-dollar homes.
Read the article.  And pray about to whom and to what you are listening.  I did.  Now I'm sad for them.  But it won't change the fact that I won't be participating in their ministries at any level.
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