They don’t understand…

Yesterday, I was very troubled by a Facebook post of an old friend. He shared an atheist’s post that had a picture of a well-used Bible, explaining that he (the atheist) had indeed read the Bible and it made no difference in his life. My friend related his own similar experience, repeating the tired old lines about how he saw men making a god in their own image, and how even if that god was real, his behaviour was reprehensible. He went on to wonder publicly if anyone who believed in such a god had actually read their Bible, I suppose because they had not reached the same conclusion as he did.

There is SO much wrong with that thinking and thought that I wanted to respond immediately, and defend my Lord. But He needs no defense, especially not from the likes of me. This verse tells me that there really is no point in replying at all.

Play the tape through on this. Assume I reply with truth to the words my friend wrote, even a non-judgemental truth, as the context of this passage might suggest (not exegeting here). I run the risk of not only not being appreciated and valued as a spiritual counselor (minor issue, as a pastor that happens to me a lot), but that my friend (and he is still my friend) would turn on me angrily and say words he might have cause to regret. This is not a happy thought, and it would bring into being a situation that is better avoided, at least in my thinking.

I think here, the better Christian response is silence (and a lot of prayer for my friend).

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