Splitting Hebrews 10 in Half

Hey, fellow Bereans!

I had a chance to look over Hebrews 10, and it has 39 verses. I really do not think I can give it adequate treatment in the hour or so I plan for my lectures, and so I’m going to split the chapter in half.

We will call verses 1-18 Chapter 10A, and 19-39 we are thus yclept Hebrews 10B. I think this will give a better summary experience, and help me to fit all the great theology in.

Remember, 12 October 2019 will have NO Bible study, it is Canadian Thanksgiving, and our very first “volunteer day” at the church we attend, so we’re going to that for at least part of the day (I have to work 12-3 at the flooring store I think after that).

If you’re in the Ottawa, Canada area, and you’d like to help out, show up at Bethany Baptist Church in Nepean (google the address for directions) for 10 a.m. I’m told there is a Pizza lunch for volunteers, so come ready to work. We have a few things to get done around the property.

See you on 19 October 2019 for Hebrews 10A!

Pastor Ger

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