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At about 2:00 p.m. on Canada Day, I received word that Pastor Tim Stephens was going to be released.

I immediately made my way to the now all too familiar Calgary Remand Centre where Pastor Tim’s family was already eagerly waiting for him outside of the doors of the jail.

A shift change was underway at the prison, which resulted in a delay of about an hour, which only exasperated the anticipation of the already anxious Stephens family.

When Pastor Tim was finally released that anticipation shifted to great joy. The family came together, held each and cried. The scene was reminiscent of the hug shared by the family prior to Pastor Tim’s arrest, but this time the tears were tears of joy.

The details of the release are still being disclosed, but we understand that the Rooke order, under which Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested, was rescinded on July 1 as the province removed COVID-related restrictions across the province.

Pastor Tim was originally denied bail because he refused to sign terms of release which were anchored on the Rooke order. With the Rooke order no longer in effect, the barrier to his release has been removed.

Pastor Tim Stephens still faces a July 14 court date which will ultimately determine what if any consequences he may face for his faith convictions, but for now the Stephens family is simply happy to have Tim back at home…

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