Operation H. E. L. P. Needs YOU!

Every day, there are people in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, that live outside.  This becomes critical when you consider that for 5 months of the year, it is below freezing (often well below freezing) because Canada is a winter nation.  We are partnering with Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club to provide some winter outdoor clothing for these people for whom Christ died.  They have an effective outreach to these folks, and witness to them with these packaged items.

I know, I know, many of them are there by choice.  Does that mean they have to freeze to death because they made a bad choice?  The Scripture says we can’t just say “be warmed and be filled” without being willing to do the warming and filling.  Can you help?  If you can, we are accepting any new store-bought or homemade hats, scarves, neckwarmers, mittens, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or soap, or the large ziploc bags we pack the kits in.  If you don’t have those but still want to help, we are accepting financial donations through our church.

Please send any donations to:

Bethany Baptist Church,
382 Centrepointe Drive,
Ottawa, ON  K2G 6A1

If you have chosen to support financially, you can make your cheques payable to Bethany Baptist Church and mention Operation HELP on the memo line of the cheque.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT make them out to Operation HELP, we can’t even deposit those, that is just our operating name for this effort.

You can also donate in multiples of $10 here with PayPal if you choose the OPERATION HELP option in the store (or click here).

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