Op-Ed: Bill C-10 Dies in Process – “And It Was Very Good…”

You may have heard that the Minority Liberal government formed a godless coalition to ram a piece of legislation called C-10 through Parliament. This legal nightmare would have given the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) the ability to regulate what we as individuals could and could not post on social media, or even personal blogs like this one! As far as free speech goes, there would no longer BE any free speech in Canada, in contravention of section 15 of the piece of toilet tissue we call a constitution.

For the record that would put small bloggers like us OUT OF BUSINESS. And I should tell you: we make NO money from this. Notice your ad-free environment? That is because we are more interested in TELLING the truth, and not SELLING the truth like the mainstream media. No more little independent voices, because…well, tyranny of the government.

Our Prime Minister, who a good friend monikered “Prime Minister Justin Bieber” (until we corrected him and told him to stop insulting poor Mr. Bieber like that), actually succeeded in forming a coalition between his own left-facing liberals, the New Democratic Party who are even further left, and the Unionist (read LEFT) Bloc-Quebecois (who are all seditionists by definition), to gain temporary majority control and ram the required votes through committees and readings in Parliament to push the piece of distressing legislation up to the Senate, the supposed house of “sober second thought.” Um…no. The Senate in Canada is an unelected body of political patronage appointees for life, and is stacked in favour of the ruling party, even if they have to add more senators for the vote-stuffing. [American brethren, take HEED! This is what the stacking of your SCOTUS will look and function like!]

However, this update from a conservative member of parliament that actively stood against this mockery of free speech and the “free and just society” that his father fought for tells better than I can how this bill died horribly, the way it should have.

And there you have it: the tale of how an unjust and restriction of an unfair and restrictive tyrannical leftist mob died a quiet death, squelched by procedures. How fitting. “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good…” (Gen. 1:31a)

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