No Bible Study 2022 May 26

The upside-down flag is a universal symbol for someone in distress. In this case, we are ALL in distress in Canada...

Sorry guys! I don’t know if you knew this, but Ottawa, where I live with my family, was hit by what essentially were hurricane-force winds that snapped trees and power poles like match sticks, and the neighbourhood I live in has been without power since Saturday (2022 May 21). Hydro Ottawa is telling me that we are 3-4 days away from having power restored. Our church building has power, and we were able to use the kitchen facilities to cook all the meat that thawed in our freezers, but my office is in my basement, and I’m less mobile than I would like to be.

Add to that that I sleep with a CPAP, and there are other and major health complications. That CPAP allowed me to get of insulin as my body started to repair itself through the deep sleep it allows. I won’t get into all the science of it, but I haven’t slept well in days. We are pushing this out at least a week. Also, I have been unable to edit the video from last Thursday, and the stream of my pulpit supply this past Sunday. Please be patient, I’ll have that up as soon as I can.

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