J. D. Greear’s Co-‘Pastor’: The Gospel Should Make You Support Reparations

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Brian Loritts, who joined the team at JD Greear’s Summit Church last year after accusations of his participation in covering up sex crimes followed by a controversial investigation, has now taken his post as lead racial antagonist at the church to use his platform to advance the idea of slave reparations.

In a sermon clip which was dug up by Woke Preacher Clips and published on Twitter, Loritts can be seen twisting Scripture to insist that people who believe the gospel should be willing to stand up and fight for reparations.

After referring to White Southerners as “treasonous,” he goes on to push the idea that though he understands that what he’s about to preach is contradictory to Scriptures, he believes you should embrace it anyway.

“What does it mean to think and behave Christianly when it comes to reparations?” Loritts asks, rhetorically during his sermon.

“It’s gonna be controversial,” he preaches. “As an African American follower of Jesus, the gospel says that I should not depend on reparations for me to forgive you,” he continued.

“If God says in the law that sons are not to pay for the sins of their father, then I should not let…

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