In the Midst

In the Midst

In the midst of it all, I am fortunate.
As I hold tightly to my Father’s Word, I am encouraged.
In the midst of it all, I am grateful.
As the daylight turns to darkness, I am not afraid, for God is present.
In the midst of it all, I am filled.
As the world ravages my heart, the mercies through Christ are near.
In the midst of it all, I am blessed.
As I hold onto His promises, His purpose is revealed.
In the midst of it all, I hang on to let go.

“Yahweh your God is in your midst;
a mighty warrior who saves.
He shall rejoice over you with joy;
He renews you in his love;
He will exult over you with singing.” ~Zephaniah 3:17 (Lexham English Bible)

In the commentary, “He renews” is literally translated as “he will silence you in his love.” How beautiful is that assurance?

As I sit and soak in our Father’s heart through music, His Word and thoughts to glorify my Creator, I am energized in my heart and soul. The world, and all it delivers can really “work me up” – and my desire is for God TO WHOLLY WORK ME UP in His presence.

If you read Zephaniah in whole, you see God moving in both the believer and unbeliever… the obedient and those not obedient. God moves in our midst as children of God, and removing Himself from the midst of those who reject Him. I desire to be obedient… to know His presence. My God will not leave me (His promise).

Heavenly and gracious, merciful and exalted Father, help us in our times of trial and trouble. Be with us in this ravaged world, so that we can shine Your light for others to see Your glory, for Your glory and honor. In these times, that are temporary, at times harsh, unrelenting hurls from the enemy’s attempts to derail God’s purpose in us, WE KNOW THAT WE ARE STRENGTHENED beyond comprehension through the Holy Spirit.

Giving Thanks Daily, often, becomes a challenge in this broken world, and broken body and many saints have gone before us… lived through it… and were strengthened by the hand of God through it all. I have to ask myself daily, what ‘god’ do I put before my God and Savior? Is it my illness, my search for wholeness in this body through ‘healing’ and ‘restoration’ of the flesh? Is it my perceived physical need? Whatever it is, LORD, my Father, help me see Your purpose and wholeness in Your presence FIRST and LAST. Help me to shine Your light regardless of what my physical limitations might appear to be. Let my heart soar, move and grow closer to Your work in my life. Let me seek You diligently with a determined and deliberate motive, and KNOW YOUR strength in new ways. Help me share Your light with others… I thank You Lord Christ Jesus for delivering me and showing me righteous through Your blood covering. Thank You for giving me strength in knowing that my prayers, needs, both known to me and those not known to me, perfectly to our Father in heaven. Thank You for giving me direction, discernment and determination through the Holy Spirit. Here my heart through my writing, my incoherent cries and pleas, my silent sufferings, and lift my pride as I learn to ask, seek, learn, grow toward and hear Your voice… let me not falter in the days that seem so far from You… let me stand FIRM AND IN EXAMPLE OF A CHRIST-LIKE LIFE. Help me give thanks in the midst of good, bad and the indescribable. Let me allow you to continue working me up in the midst of it all. Praying in whole heart and thanksgiving to my Abba, through our precious Christ Jesus I pray and trust the intervening and delivery of my request in the Holy Spirit before my King… to our heaving Father. Amen.

–Shawn Boreta

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