I’m Back!

It seems like forever since I posted anything to the Berean Nation, and that stops right now.

I have been lazy, and I have not been disciplined in my study of scripture for the last bunch of months.

Over the next week or so, the plan is to put up the book study I did through Revelation though my fellowship’s chapter summary Bible Study. It isn’t as in depth as I had planned originally, but that will come in time.

After a few week’s break, we’ll be starting next week with a study of the Book of James, where we will learn the significance of works in our salvation and maybe will even have some slideshows like our Revelation Study did.

I trust that you will enjoy them, and that you will be active in participating in discussion on them.

Remember, the point of my Bible studies is not so much to teach doctrine (though that happens a lot), but instead to get you reading the Word of God for yourselves and learn what it says for yourselves! Don’t believe what I say, please! Read it for yourself and make up your own mind.

See you over the next couple of weeks!


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