GraceLife Church Building to be Released from Police Custody

The underground church of GraceLife in Parkland County, Alberta, whose building was tyrannically and grotesquely shut down and fenced in by law enforcement and government agents on April 7th, 2021, whose pastor James Coates spent 35 days in jail, and who has been meeting in secret at undisclosed locations since the closure, will be allowed to re-enter their building by July 1st, according to authorities.

With the news that 70 percent of Albertans aged 12 and over have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, Premier Kenny made the announcement last week that the province would be reopening and more or less going back to normal, with a few restrictions still in place for wearing face masks, but no more capacity limits on churches.

No more bans on indoor social gatherings. No more limits for gyms, sports and fitness activities. No more capacity limits at restaurants, in retail, or for places of worship. No more advisories against non-essential travel.

At the time of the fencing in, Alberta Health Services said it would only take the fence down if the church would comply with the lockdown orders. The Church never did, and the fence will come down anyway.

With it no longer being illegal to gather at more than 15 percent capacity, GraceLife as of July 1, 2021, by all indications this week will be the last week that the congregation will meet in secret, and then be back in their own building the week after.

[Editor’s note: This is still not over. There is a rumour (from Pastor Coates himself) that authorities will likely bill the cost of erecting, maintaining, and dismantling the fencing to GraceLife Church. Pray for these faithful brethren.]

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