Cool Latin Names Don’t Make You A Christian

Recently (and truthfully this should have been published Tuesday, but I’ve been ill this week), the good folks over at Pulpit and Pen did an expose of a gent that calls himself “Servus Christi,” or “Servant of Christ” from the Latin. (I have also seen it as Servetus Christi and it means the same thing, according to Google Translate.) This is an internet personality that thinks that all churches are corrupt and that no one should go to a church…well, ever. I’ll give you that all churches have problems, but that’s because we’re all human. So it, this gent, it seems.

According to Pulpit and Pen, the headline on the article about him reads, “Servus Christi Imports Bride, Fakes Marriage, Sends Her Back After Consummation.” I’ve linked the article so that you can read and even comment on it. It turns out that this individual is NOT, as his name suggests, a servant of Christ. His actual name is Joshua Chavez, as it turns out, and he works for another “ministry” called “Moriel Ministries” who are no small organization, and it turns out that this “ministry” is fronted by one James Jacob Prasch, a falsely self-identifying “Jew” that has no actual Jewish heritage (and that doesn’t make you a Christian either). He’s the fellow that talks about the “metatron” (I think that’s like Megatron, the bad guy from The Transformers). (According to all the pronunciation rules I know it should be “meta-Trone,” but hey, I’m no linguistics major. We do have one on staff though.)

Friends, cool Latin or Greek names don’t make you a Christian. Although it might be fun to do that, be advised there are people like Josh Chavez out there who are doing it to gain false followers. Don’t believe me? His YouTube channel has around 50K followers. For Christian stuff, that’s like getting your golden button, because that’s a lot of followers.

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Media, the OG of Discernment Ministries, yesterday gave the warning that Prasch and his followers including Josh Chavez are a doomsday cult filled with thugs. You can read that article here. So much for the cool names.

Friends, the Lord Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross for your sins and mine. We, the Church, are His body, and that’s what the New Testament calls us, this isn’t some made-up phrase. He rose from the dead because the Father was so pleased by His sacrifice on the cross that He raised the Son from the dead! Incidentally, Christ is a cool Greek name that means the Anointed One. Last I checked, Jesus, who is God the Son, is the only one who can and has actually used the name and position. All others have proven to be pretenders – apparently like Josh Chavez – that cannot and therefore do not keep their word, never mind His Word…

[Editor’s Note: The image used with this article is from Pulpit and Pen, as is some of the information. It is used with permission.]

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