Clayton Jennings Followers Responsible for Hack?

Earlier today, the Rabbi who had posted a great deal of incriminating evidence about the ministerial sexual misconduct of disgraced evangelist Clayton Jennings had his site hacked and much of the evidence taken down. has learned that other such attempts at hacking were also made against several of Jennings’ victims, and against at least one news outlet that has been active in posting updates on this developing story.

Interested readers that wish may familiarize themselves with the details of the story here (warning, graphic images):

Whistleblower Website Scuttled by Team Clayton Jennings: Find Photo Evidence HERE. Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES

As I have previously stated in our lectures, sexual misconduct in a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a disqualification from that ministry – permanently. Worse, when said minister attempts to intimidate his victims into silence, lines are crossed that cannot be uncrossed. More than a case of ministerial sexual misconduct, this is a case of abuse against women. Women that good and godly men have been called on by God to protect! Fellow Bereans, we cannot let this stand. While we wait for the authorities (who have been notified and continue to be updated) to act decisively, please share and repost this article so that Mr. Jennings’ public relations team cannot bury the truth.

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