Revelation 5 – the stage is set (part 2)
Eschatology / November 21, 2014

This slide show actually came with more props than slides. I constructed a scroll with writing on it and all of that. There was also a slide about Bible translations. I’m not really an advocate of one translation, but I personally prefer the NASB for my personal use because it is the most accurate in English to the ancient Greek. I also read the KJV, the ESV, and the NIV when I study. Revelation 5…


The Dangers of the Sign/Gift Ministry

This morning, I was watching some Christian television on Vision TV, or shat passes for religious programming in Canada.  After In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, another show called “It’s Supernatural” came on.  The host is a gentleman named Sid Roth, who is sometimes okay, and sometimes a little more given to the prosperity gospel than he should be.  This morning was a little over the top. I don’t remember the name of his guest,…


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