Does everything “go better” with Jesus?
Anthropology , Ecclesiology , Soteriology / September 23, 2013

Today, I am addressing the school of thought that says “things go better with Jesus,” like the old Coca cola commercial used to claim about the product it sold.  Is this in fact the case? I can categorically state that it does NOT.  In fact, I searched the scriptures for quotes from Jesus that I could use to demonstrate the concept of a better life by believing Jesus.  My search took me through 16 different…


How Nations Fall and What We Can Do About It
Anthropology , Hamartiology , Soteriology / August 22, 2013

Hosea 10:1-4 (NASB) 1 Israel is a luxuriant vine; He produces fruit for himself.  The more his fruit, The more altars he made; The richer his land, The better he made the sacred pillars. 2 Their heart is faithless; Now they must bear their guilt.   The Lord will break down their altars And destroy their sacred pillars. 3 Surely now they will say, “We have no king, For we do not revere the Lord.  As…


“Rats, I messed up again…”

Have you ever found yourself saying some version of that statement? I know I have. What does the Scripture say about our screw-ups, intentional or unintentional? The first thing we have to deal with is how it affects our standing with God. Remember, we’ve dealt before with the concept that we are created as a tripartite being, in the image of God. We are body, soul, and spirit, and sin has a different effect on…


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