Discipleship 101 – The Breaking of Bread – Worship
Christology , Ecclesiology , General , Worship / September 24, 2015

In our consideration of the practices of the very first group of Christian converts, we come to what our key text of Acts 2:42 calls “the breaking of bread.” As before, there are both individual and corporate considerations, but in this article, I will restrict myself to the individual exercise. The breaking of bread is a specific ordinance of Christian worship that was practiced by the very first group of Christian converts (Acts 2:42). It…


Poetry Corner – Life
General , Worship / September 24, 2015

Life Seems to slip away On an endless wave No more to see A tiny, helpless hand Reaching out for you To save It’s not too late To save a life I hear the broken hearted Crying out in pain Who will ease their suffering Who will hide their shame With tears they are calling In a silent voice Screaming into darkness A life with no choice And their life Seems to slip away On…


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