Galatians 3

NB:  A covenant (binding legal agreement) on the Old Testament is “cut” (ratified) by taking sacrificial animals and dividing them in half and placing them into two piles of remains, with enough room to walk between them.  One pile represents the blessings of the agreement that will be received at its completion if it is kept, and the other side represents the cursings that are incurred if there is a default and it is not…


The Galatians Overview has been posted!

Hello Fellow Bereans! The overview of the book of Galatians is now ready. I somehow have lost the notes for Chapter 1, and must recreate them from scratch, and I hand-wrote the notes for chapters 2 and 3, so I must type them in in a readable fashion, and I have to edit chapters 4 through 6. Add to this school assignments (thought I had left those behind), associated readings, my own Bible Study I…


The Dangers of the Sign/Gift Ministry

This morning, I was watching some Christian television on Vision TV, or shat passes for religious programming in Canada.  After In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, another show called “It’s Supernatural” came on.  The host is a gentleman named Sid Roth, who is sometimes okay, and sometimes a little more given to the prosperity gospel than he should be.  This morning was a little over the top. I don’t remember the name of his guest,…


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