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  • Remember the context for Chapter 3 follows chapters 2 and 1.  Paul has just finished a rich set of blessing-filled thoughts that talk about our salvation in terms of justification, and how that comes by grace […]

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  • NB:  A covenant (binding legal agreement) on the Old Testament is “cut” (ratified) by taking sacrificial animals and dividing them in half and placing them into two piles of remains, with enough room to walk betw […]

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  • Here are the study notes from Ephesians 2:

    Here at the beginning of the chapter, I must pause to remind everyone that Ephesians 2 comes in the context of immediately after chapter 1 with all of its lofty ideas […]

  • As we dig in to Galatians 2, there are a couple of things to remember:

    Paul writes this after 14 years of actually preaching the Gospel.
    That Gospel is summarized in Gal. 1:4:

    [The Lord Jesus Christ, […]

  • The concept of sacrifice in Scripture begins at the fall of mankind from innocence in the Garden of Eden.  Genesis 3:21 tells us that before banishing Adam and Eve from the garden, he clothed them in animal […]

  • Before I begin, I must say that understanding this passage without the lens of something like Calvinism is extremely difficult.  A great debate rages on word definitions like “predestined” versus […]

  • 1:  This letter is a very abbreviated letter in many ways, but it does fit the style of the letters Paul wrote other churches, in that it has a greeting, a body in which he communicates his message, and a closing […]

  • Every day, there are people in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, that live outside.  This becomes critical when you consider that for 5 months of the year, it is below freezing (often well below freezing) because […]

  • Hello Fellow Bereans!

    The overview of the book of Galatians is now ready. I somehow have lost the notes for Chapter 1, and must recreate them from scratch, and I hand-wrote the notes for chapters 2 and 3, so I […]

  • Sorry gang!

    I have an assignment due on Friday and a training course (on Bible Survey actually) on Friday and Saturday of this week. Sunday, I’m giving a talk about how you can grow in your Christian faith, […]

  • “And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb…”
    Luke 24:2 NASB

    This question is THE critical question. The tomb was placed under guard by a full Roman squad of 80 men (all of whom carried the Roman […]

  • As a pastor with a young internet ministry, you can imagine i read a LOT of things. Some I agree with, some I do not, but I still read it to know what it says. As a self-identified Berean, I try to see what […]

  • Billy Williams (BillyBoy) is an admin test account. If you see comments from this user, it was us testing something usually.

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  • God often describes us has His sheep in the Bible, and that is more than a little accurate. We tend to herd (some call them packs, but we have no real teeth for anyone than other sheep), we are very panicky, […]

  • On New Year’s Day, I had the pleasure and privilege of being interviewed by the guys over at SCF ministries for their podcast. Jim and Willie are both great guys, and really understand the Gospel and preach it. […]

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Billy Williams says:

Wow, thanks guys! I have struggled with this. I never know if I’m good enough or have done enough! Does it get easier with time?

Gerry says:

Billy, I have found that it has for me. The important thing is to cultivate a devotional relationship with the Lord. I think we do that like the very first bunch of Christians did in Acts 2:42. It says, “They continually devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread (which is a specific kind of Worship, but I would extend this to worship in General), and to prayer.” As we do that, God begins to teach us to hear Him. And when we hear what He says to us, we can heed (or obey) Him. Like we say on the site banner, it’s easy: Read, Hear, Heed. In that order. Give us a shout if you have other questions.

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